FAQs - Frequent Asked Questions

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¿En qué espacios puedo instalar grama artificial?

Nuestra grama tiene mucha versatilidad y puede ser instalado en espacios como: terrazas, patios, parques, alrededor de piscinas, y muchos más según los requerimientos de su proyecto.

¿En qué condiciones debe estar el espacio?

La instalación puede hacerse directamente sobre base plana de concreto, cerámica y similares. También pueden hacerse sobre terreno natural; previa evaluación y acondicionamiento del espacio. En este caso pudiera ser necesario desmalezar, nivelar el terreno, colocar malla geotextil y aplicar gravilla mezclado con arena.

Our artificial grass solutions are versatile, and can be installed in spaces such as terraces, patios, parks, around pools, and many more for your project requirements.

Installation can be made directly on hard surfaces, like concrete, ceramics or alike. Also, it can be done on soil; after a surface conditioning. In that case, it may be necessary remove weeds, leveling the ground, place geotextile mesh and apply sand mixed with gravel.

Our artificial grass products are manufactured with recyclable materials, and have the Eco-Friendly certification. It will also reduce in a high percentage your water use. It will not need pesticides or other energy-related expenses to maintain levels lawn.

You will reduce to zero the expenses in comparison to the maintenance required for natural grass, such as water, energy, land at home, spraying, pesticides. The number of annoying bugs will decrease. Also, it is nonflammable and nontoxic. Artificial grass is a better investment for a place that looks fresh and green all year long.

None. You can easily wash it with a little water. Whenever it’s necessary you can pass a gardening brush, if you want to clean it more deeply or to remove large debris. Our product is nonflammable. You won’t have to struggle with costs and land of traditional lawn.
What if I have pets?

First: Don’t worry. Animals won’t eat it. Second: You can wash any of our products with water and detergent and, if necessary, collect droppings with gardening tools. Our product is nontoxic, but your pets isn’t going to eat the grass. Pets will adapt well because the texture feels natural and comfortable.

No way, our artificial grass products are guaranteed for 7 years, even when exposed to direct sunlight.

Our artificial grass products we offer are guaranteed for 7 years, even when exposed to direct sunlight. They are made with high quality materials with German technology, with ISO14001, ISO9001 and Eco Friendly certifications. Also, we select solutions especially designed for outdoor locations and drastic climate changes.

Contact us and we will help you. You can ask for prices starting from 2sqm of the type of artificial grass your project requires your project. You can also navigate through our website for a preliminary cotization.