How to install artificial grass on your terrace in a few steps

Step 1

colocando-grama-artificial-en-una-terraza-14-sencillos-pasos1 After cleaning the entire surface, place the artificial grass on the floor. Don’t forget to how the grass is pointed. To make the task more enjoyable, it is advisable to get a little help.

Step 2

Place artificial grass on the terrace.


Step 3

Once we extended the first strip, we mark the cutting line using a metal ruler and a pen.

Step 4

Then we make the cut with the help of a pair of strong scissors. Following the same procedure continue placing more artificial grass patches until we cover the desired area.

Step 5

Is probably that the last strip won’t fit. No problem, take the ruler out, take some measures and start cutting until fits in position.

Step 6

The next thing we do is adapt the artificial grass to where we’re working. Cutting corners and joints sections. To achieve more accurate cuts, it will be better if we will use a spatula to perfectly adjust the grass.

Step 7 
GRAMA ARTIFICIAL DECOGRASS_24Next, cut a hole for the drainage.

Step 8
GRAMA ARTIFICIAL DECOGRASS_25Prepare the joints between the various strips of grass, leaving a margin of a few millimeters.

Step 9

GRAMA ARTIFICIAL DECOGRASS_26Now, it’s time to extend the connecting strip of the first patch and cut to the needed size using the cutter.

Step 10
GRAMA ARTIFICIAL DECOGRASS_27Siguiendo las indicaciones del fabricante, mezclamos los dos componentes del adhesivo de Following the manufacturer’s instructions, mix the two components of polyurethane adhesive. To do this task, it’s highly recommendable to use a drill provided with a rod mixer.

Step 11

GRAMA ARTIFICIAL DECOGRASS_30When a homogeneous mixture is achieved, apply the product over the entire band, with the help of a toothed spatula. As you can see the adhesive is green, so that it won’t be noticeable. Put the patches of grass together, and maintain a firm grip until the adhesive hardens.

Paso 12
GRAMA ARTIFICIAL DECOGRASS_28As we place the complete grass in the desired area. Give a final touch with points of silicone around the border of the artificial grass, so that the wind does not lift it. Just use a conventional hot gun to apply silicone.

Paso 13
GRAMA ARTIFICIAL DECOGRASS_29Terminamos el trabajo dando unos puntos de silicona en todo el perímetro de la hierba artificial, para que el viento no la levante. Para hacer este trabajo, necesitaremos una pistola convencional para aplicar silicona.